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Why Choose Exam Success?

  • Prof. Gordon Method™- Uses dynamic, motivational instruction paired with clear and concise, application-oriented study materials. Prof. Gordon is known for "cutting the fat" and focusing on what's exam relevant. Over his 15+ years of teaching CFA exam prep, he has continued to perfect his no-nonsense learning method, making it easier for thousands of candidates across Canada, the USA and around the globe to pass.

  • CFA Institute Approved Prep Program Provider - We follow the rigorous CFA Institute best practices in exam prep services and products -- so you can feel confident that with Exam Success as your Learning Partner you're getting the industry's best!  Since 1999, we've helped thousands of CFA candidates succeed. Now we'd like to focus on you.

  • Canadian Government Certified Educational Institution - Exam Success provides students with T2202A certificates to claim tuition tax credits. A significant portion of your course tuition (15%) may be refunded when you file your T4.

  • Personalized Attention - Our dedicated experts are available every step of the way to support your efforts. Contact us ANYTIME and you’ll always get a response from a real, live Exam Success team member faster than you can say “Wow, that was crazy quick and super helpful.” Our classes are uniquely small and strictly capped to provide an engaging learning environment and an enhanced level of instructor guidance and feedback.

  • Flexibility to Study Your Way - We offer a choice of versatile learning solutions. Study online, in-class, weekends, weeknights and even select our easy Installment Payment Plan option to tailor your study experience to your learning style, lifestyle and budget!

  • Success Guarantee -  Our aim is to make it easier for you to pass. That's why we offer continued and unlimited use of our on-line resources at NO EXTRA COST and as much as 50% off an in-class course repeat (no milestones to meet or contracts to complete) for the next exam season. It's no wonder 97% of our students recommend us! The numbers are on your side, and Exam Success is in your corner.

97% Satisfaction rating


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"Your to the point approach was the biggest reason I could cover all the material and pass in such a short amount of time."

P. DeSantos

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"I passed...first try! Your online study program & final review class contributed a great deal."

S. Holland

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"Access to the Professor was worth the price alone. I will tell my co-workers to use it!"

W. Zhuang

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"Your notes helped me stay organized each time I sat down to study...on to L2!."

H. Douglas

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How to become a CFA Charterholder

To earn the CFA Charter, Candidates must pass a series of 3 exams and have relevant work experience...

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