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Exam Success is a trusted Canadian name in financial services industry education specializing in no-nonsense exam preparation. We empower students to pass their and CFA,®CFP®, CIM®, and CSC® exams with ease by providing the most simplified and strategic materials and instruction in the profession.

Founded by CFA Program prep dynamo, Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI, in 1999 and based in Toronto, Exam Success is backed by a talented team of professionals who are committed to driving success, with a passion and a smile.

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We're the exam prep provider you've been looking for. Our study solutions, all expertly created by Prof. Gordon, do the hard work for you. They eliminate the time-wasting distractions, uncomplicate the material and laser focus on the knowledge and skills needed to save serious study time and get the competitive exam edge.


None of the fat.

The simplest path to a pass.

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Most Exam Success students come from word of mouth.

We’ve learned over and over again, from 20+ years in business, that truly satisfying our students is the best possible marketing strategy to sustain and grow our company. If you entrust us as your exam prep partner, you can be sure we will do whatever it takes to earn your respect and referrals as well.

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We've helped 1000s pass their exams — quick, no sweat. Choosing Exam Success as your CFP, CIM, CSC and CFA Program exam prep partner puts you in good company with thousands of candidates worldwide, from hundreds of top organizations including:

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The gold standard in the financial industry.

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